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Business Management Services


We offer cost-effective payroll services that meet your needs, including:

  • Full-service payroll

  • Monthly & Quarterly Payroll

  • Payroll reports

  • Sales & use tax preparation

  • Year-end reports (W2 & 1099 preparation)



Implement a bookkeeping system to provide accurate, easy to understand financial data. This data can then be used to make sound business decisions.


We have a variety of bookkeeping services available to best meet your needs. 

Data Entry


We will accurately enter your data in Quicken or Quickbooks for you.


We efficiently manage information that is often sensitive or confidential.

Management Services


  • ​Business Consulting

  • Investment Consulting

  • Easy to understand financial statements

  • Cash flow statements

  • Objective analysis of your major business decisions

  • Tax Planning

  • Business & farm conferences

  • Profit analysis

  • We will work with your Attorney, Banker, Insurance Agent

New Business Services


  • Assistance in setting up a new business

  • Applying for federal identification numbers

  • Applying for state identification numbers

  • Choosing the right business type and structure that is best for you

Tax Services


  • Income tax planning

  • Income tax preparation

    • Individual, Business, Farm, Corporate, Partnership, Limited Liability Company

  • Obtaining seller's permit numbers

  • Computing the amount of sales and use tax due

  • Filing returns and paying the tax

  • Keeping accurate records of sales and sales tax collected

  • Applying for exemption certificates

  • Audit assistance for federal and state taxes

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